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Empowering others
to restore balance
in mind & body
through education of the traditional uses of our plant allies.
A Library of
Educational Writings
by Andrea Baldwin

The Book!

Learn more about the energetics of herbs & plants in use with your horses.
A detailed reference book to assist you in holistic horse care.

"Stacey and Andrea have done a great job of putting together a book that will be a mainstay of equine literature for a long time. Thank you both for doing this."

- Joyce Harman DVM, MRCVS
The Authors

A lifelong passion for horses, herbs and healing brought Stacey Small and Andrea Baldwin together. A shared desire to protect and advocate for the equine partner led them to collaborate on this book. Both are herbalists and graduates of David Winston’s Center for Herbal Studies. Stacey was the creator and founder of the Sore No-More liniment line, Equilite Herbals, and Botanical Animal Flower Essences and now resides in Florida with her husband. Andrea is the founder of Equibotanical and resides in Georgia with her husband and four daughters. 

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