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and Founder Andrea Baldwin

Equibotanical was founded from Andrea Baldwin’s desire to understand the traditional way animals and humans have allied themselves with the plant kingdom to restore balance to their mind and body.


This ingrained desire for knowledge and helping others led her to study with David Winston, an internationally renowned herbalist, ethnobotanist and a founder of the American Herbalist Guild.


Andrea finds her continued studies in Chinese Herbal Therapy brings great insight to traditional uses of our plant allies to restore equilibrium and harmony.

Andrea completed a Women's Functional and Integrative Medicine Professional Training program with Aviva Romm, MD. 


Andrea is also a current member of the American Herbalist Guild, United Plant Savers, IFM and the Veterinary Botanical Medical Association. 


  • 4 years of study at David Winston’s Center for Herbal Studies

  • Continuing Mentorships under Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioners

  • Continuing education in Aromatherapy, Vibrationals and Flower Essences

  • Ongoing Qi Gong training

  • Contributor to Holistic Horse Magazine

  • Women's Functional and Integrative Medicine Institute 

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